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Fresh ideas to accelerate your business

We inspire, innovate and integrate out of the box approaches to strategic business decision making in a VUCA environment

Businesses need to be constantly evolving amidst the challenges and disruptions. We understand...


that behind every decision, there has to be lots of information being researched, processed and analysed upon, more so if you are looking to expand into new markets. 
We help businesses by researching, processing and analysing these datas to design the right fit, innovative and actionable strategies so that you can focus on what's important - making well informed decisions.

Market research and analysis

We don't just cover the usual geographical or demographics based market research, we also provide technology assessment especially the applications of emerging ICT and Fintech technology in any given vertical because tech is our forte and our passion.

Design thinking and business modeling

Our business design services are based on agile approach and methodology to enable customer oriented and innovation focused strategies. We cover customer experience, business model to digital transformation designs just to name a few.

Digital transformation

Digitalization is the catalyst for growth for businesses big or small, locally or globally. There has never been more confusion about what to use, how to apply and when to start than it was a decade ago. We help you to chart the right digitalization path according to your needs and goals.

Bespoke services and advisory

If you are expanding into new markets, you can very quickly get overwhelmed with lots of things, such as cultural or language barrier or just plain figuring out where to get information. We facilitate B2B partnership matching, provide local language translation service, local content and proposal writing, Go-to-Market, legal and regulatory advisory related to doing business in ASEAN, our home base.